Glue & Kit

Glue for acoustic foam and panels
To install acoustic materials and products, such as acoustic panels and sound insulation without a self adhesive backing, we offer two different glue products. Contact adhesive, Saba in a 1 liter can, and DASA spray can which contains 500 ml. We also offer Stauf Extreme Tack, a water based glue, almost odorless, in a 450 g tube, and a bucket containing 3.5 kg. Which glue to use:

Contact adhesive, glue for acoustic materials
Saba and DASA glue products are contact adhesives, which means that you need to apply the glue double sided, on the product and surface you want to mount acoustic products to. Products to use contact adhesives on:

Stauf Extreme Tack, glue for acoustic panels
Stauf glue is a water based glue/paste which can only be used if at least one surface allows moisture to evaporate. This glue will not harden between water tight materials, plastics or metals for instance. You can use Stauf Extreme Tack on:

Glue products for acoustic foam, acoustic panels and insulation