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Soundproofing wall and ceiling with Akoestikon Acoustic Studs
Looking to soundproof your walls and ceilings? Whether it's noisy neighbours or to soundproof a music studio, Akoestikon Acoustic Studs are your solution. Our Acoustic Studs create a floating, decoupled noise- insulating barrier for walls and ceilings, effectively reducing impact noise and airborne noise transmission between rooms, flats, or neighbouring properties. These studs are a great alternative for Metal Stud frames!

How to soundproof a wall or ceiling Workshop and production hall acoustics
To soundproof a ceiling or party wall a barrier is needed that covers the whole ceiling or wall that transmits sound or impact noise. The most important detail to keep in mind is 'decoupling'. Most soundproofing ceilings or walls are installed whit rigid connections, such as screws or bolts. This will reduce the soundproofing properties of any solution significantly! Because vibrations, and thus sound, is still transmitted to the room you want to soundproof. Acoustic Studs will prevent this and therefore give a better result.

How? These Acoustic Studs are made of two MDF slats glued to each other with a thick vibration insulation in between, as shown in the image. Only one side of a stud is mounted to the building, the other side is to attach a double layer of plasterboard too. This is the new soundproofing wall in front of the existing wall that let sound into your room.

Because of this vibration insulation an actual decoupled ceiling or wall can be created. This is the best way to soundproof a ceiling or wall to reduce neighbour noise. Also shown in the image are the two available of Akoestikon Acoustic Studs, 60 and 120 mm thick. We recommend to use the 120 mm Acoustic Stud for studio, home cinema or hifi room. The 60 mm thick Studs is mostly used to soundproof living room or bedroom ceiling or wall. If you have enough space, of course the 120 mm Stud is the best option. Choose an option below to select what you would like to soundproof, a ceiling or wall:

For expert advice on soundproofing against neighbour noise or assistance with installing a soundproofing wall, don't hesitate to contact us.

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