Soundproofing floors

Soundproofing concrete floor and wooden timber floor
To soundproof concrete floors, or wooden frame floors in older homes, we offer multiple products and solutions. Soundproofing floors reduce airborne noise and impact noise from- and to adjacent buildings and rooms. Important to know is that impact noise from neighbours should be insulated at the source for the best result. Insulating at the receiving end is far less effective. For example, the impact noise of a next door- or upstairs neighbour that walks on high heels cannot be insulated in the home of the person that is experiencing this problem. This is a typical example whereby the soundproofing, a decoupled floor, should be installed at the source to prevent impact noise travelling thru the construction of the building.

Soundproofing concrete floor, screed floor
Concrete floors can be soundproofed, to avoid and insulate impact noise, by applying a decoupled screed floor with Reguol. This method is ideal for new buildings or renovation projects. Regufoam Comfort is an acoustic underlay for screed floors or to use in combination with gypsum fiber board, in a double or triple layer configuration. On our Regupol page you can find more info on this product and how you can soundproof a floor.

How to soundproof a wooden timber floor
To soundproof a wooden floor, a construction with wooden beams and plywood, we have two solutions. We recommend to soundproof a wooden floor by adding mass, make the floor more heavy. This method is very effective to soundproof airborne noise, such as music and speech. The best product to make a wood floor more soundproof is with Isomat KE Fiber. This type of product is often referred to as 'mass load vinyl'. We have a very extensive guide for soundproofing a wooden floor on our tips page, “Insulating Wooden Floors”.

Advice on soundproofing
If you need any advise on how to soundproof a floor, or any other question about acoustics please let us know via our contact page, we are happy to help you any way we can.

Products to soundproof floors


How to soundproof a wall or ceiling? Quick & Easy soundproofing for your home
Noise to and from neighbours is annoying both sender and receiver. We have solutions and soundproofing products to soundproof ceiling, wall and floor to reduce noise and sound from and to neighbours. Devided on these pages: