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Pressure roller

To apply anti-drumming sheets

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Plastic pressure roller with a rubber tread to apply sound-baffling panels to a surface without problems and without air bubbles. Indispensable for irregular surfaces!

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50 mm K0376 Red
11 pcs
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What it is and does:
This pressure roller is an indispensable tool when applying Vibraflex and StP Standartplast sound-baffling panels. With the roller you can provide a profiled surface with sound-baffling panels so the operation of these products is optimal. 

The pressure roller has a non-slip handle and is fitted with a rubber tread so that sound-baffling panels are not damaged. You can finish products easily and tightly with this roller and you prevent moisture from getting under the material. In addition, it prevents sore fingertips! 

Mounting tips for sound-baffling
When processing Vibraflex and STP Standartplast products using the pressure roller, increase the pressure slowly to avoid damage to the products. Not all products are equally hard.

Provide a grease- and dust-free surface and heat the products to be processed to at least room temperature (or as indicated on the product page and sheets.

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