Insulating & Soundproofing a Wooden Floor

How to soundproof a wooden timber floor
To soundproof a timber floor with wooden beams and planks, or plywood, you need to add mass. The a lack of mass is the main reason for noise problems to- and from neighbours, upstairs and downstairs. In most cases neighbours can almost literally follow each conversation and footsteps. We recommend to add mass as basis of insulation, this will reduces airborne noises such as music, voice and other sounds.

Short description of soundproofing a wooden floor
The best product to soundproof a wooden floor is with Isomat KE Fiber, we recommend the 14 kg/m² type. This is the heaviest insulation sheet we have and is about 5 to 6 mm thick. Make sure the floor is dry and free of dust. Apply a thin layer of Stauf Extreme Tack and place the Isomat KE with its fiber backing on the Stauf glue. Avoid air bubbles between the Isomat and the floor and give the sheets a firm knocking. If you see any cracks of gaps amongst the wall and the Isomat sheets fill them in with some sealant or kit. We also recommend to use the Alu finishing tape to seal the seams between each Isomat sheet, this makes the floor more waterproof in case of an accident.

Now that you have the Isomat in place, we advise to use a covering to place over the Isomat. This will increase stiffness in the wooden subfloor and more insulation. For this you can use a plywood or underlayment of at least 12 mm. This board material can be screwed in place through the Isomat into the subfloor, it gives the floor more rigidity.

Guideline to soundproofing wooden floors
You will find the extensive step-by-step plan with more subfloor solutions for soundproofing wooden floors on our tips page.

Products for soundproofing a wooden timber floor


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