Read our tips regarding the installation of a 'floating' floor by means of the Akoestifloor Icotop system.

Acoustic Floor System Akoestifloor Icotop 40

Sound insulation for wooden and concrete floors
Akoestifloor Icotop is a complete package for acoustic floor insulation of wooden and concrete storey floors. Containing a thickness of 40 mm, this is a widely applicable floor with high insulation values, both thermal and acoustic. Akoestifloor is easily customisable and can be installed in 4 steps.

Installing Akoestifloor Icotop
Installing Akoestifloor Icotop can be done in 4 steps. As for the mounting proces, you will need the following products: 

  • Akoestifloor Icotop 40
  • Agglomer Strips 
  • Akoestifix Seam Glue
  • F2 Screws

Step 1: Smoothing out and sealing

First of all, you need to check whether there are seams or cracks in your floor. Avoid sound leakage! In older buildings it may occur that you find seams and cracks along the connection between the wooden floor and the walls. These should be filled with silicon sealant. Make sure that the existing floor doesn't contain creaking or wobbling floorboards and that the floor is as flat as possible. In case of dampy homes, it is a good idea to first add a layer of moisture-proof foil on the structural floor. Akoestifloor is not allowed to get wet.

Step 2: Installing the Agglomer Strips along the walls

Now, you stick the Agglomer Strips to the walls. These are self-adhesive. It's almost as though you are installing a skirting board. The Agglomer Strips will ensure that the Akoestifloor panels won't touch the walls anywhere. If they do touch the wall, then the floor isn't 'floating', allowing the floor to transmit vibration to the wall. Make sure that the strips connect well to each other.

Step 3: Placing the Akoestifloor panels

After installing the Agglomer Strips the Akoestifloor panels can be placed. Firmly press the panels against the Agglomer Strips, making sure they connect well to each other, thereby avoiding seams. Akoestifloor panels are equipped with a mounting clip, which you should provide with Akoestifix seam glue. The glue can contains two spouts, which makes it easier to apply the glue. Spread the glue with a putty knife along the whole mounting clip. After ± 10 minutes you can attach the panels to each other.

Stap 4: Fastening the panels with screws
Screw the F2-screw every other 10 cm through the mounting clip for a sturdy fixation.

Insulation values

  • Thermal insulation values
    R-value 0,45 m² k/w.
  • Acoustic insulation values (concrete floor 140 mm)
    Ico 7 dB
    Delta Ico 14 dB
    Delta Lw 23 dB 

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