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Customised Acoustic Materials

Customised acoustic materialsSamengesteld maatwerk
Next to countless solutions for private customers, the Acousticshop also delivers to the commercial market.

Our portfolio of business customers consists, amongst others, of companies from the automotive branche, contractors, appliance, machine, yacht, and ship builders. Many of these customers produce in series and don't only benefit from a fast delivery, but also from a costumised product (solution).

In this article we will explain what we have to offer in the area of custom work.

The advantages of custom work
A customised product may have significant advantages compared to a standard product. Cutting materials to size by yourself without using machines can be very time-consuming. In addition, the result will probably be less beautiful, because you may (still) lack certain knowledge that you need to process certain products. Purchasing customised products may save you a lot of time. The machines we use are programmed in a way that the amount of residual material remains minimal, so that you don't need to think about transporting the left over material. Our customised parts are dimensionally very stable and beautifully finished, in order for them to perfectly fit your application, which, again, improves your product!

Custom work engineering Maatwerk watersnijden
Making custom parts can be done in several ways, the most common ones being:  band sawing, die, CNC and water cutting. We are not only specialised in the production of custom parts, but also in composing products for your application. An example could be the lamination of various products, such as attaching an absorption material to an anti-drumming material. This method is often used in generator and machine building. These products can also be cut to the size of your preference. With the facilities we have at our disposal, we can customise all the products of our range, pack and label them, keeping them in stock and distribute them. If you are not familiar with making CAD drawings we can provide support for this.

Whom is our custom work for? Regufoam maatwerk
We can produce custom work for every business customer, as long as the work preperation is in proportion with the size of your order. As for smaller applications, most products can be processed by yourself. You can attach products to each other using one of our glue products, such as Zettex adhesive spray, for example. Products such as Flamex, Tecnocell, Akotherm, or other foam materials can be perfectly cut to size with a ceramic knife.

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