Handmade soundproofing indoor shutters for reducing outside noise.

Customised Soundproofing Indoor Shutters

What preceded...
It is a while ago that we published the tips article "Making Soundproofing Indoor Shutters Using Merfoplex". One of our customers made soundproofing indoor shutters which we liked that much that we wrote an article about it! In this situation, the sound problem was caused by both nightlife and traffic. The outside of this monumental building in the city centre of Leiden (the Netherlands) wasn't allowed to be touched, so a solution for the inside had to be deviced.

Nuisance caused by traffic
On the basis of this article about indoor shutters, we receive a lot of questions concerning sound problems that are mainly caused by traffic noise. Especially low frequency humming sounds often turn out to be a (big) problem. In most cases, normal double glass, which thermically insulates, doesn't offer enough acoustic insulation. This type of glass doesn't contain the mass that is necessary to resist low frequency sound. But also high frequency sounds (for example from scooters) often gets inside through small seams or crevices from, for example, ventilation grilles. The solution is relatively simple: applying acoustic ventilation unit(s).

Customised accoustic indoor shutters
A customer from the city of Veenendaal (the Netherlands) sent us an e-mail, asking the question whether the Acousticshop could create and install acoustic indoor shutters. But since the Acousticshop only sells acoustic materials and products, we checked in with our partner BEVO Interieur. After some initial interaction, with the three of us, including our customer, we worked out a design on the spot. We are proud of the result!

Isomat toegepast

As for the foundation of the shutters, we chose for a high-quality product from wood, minimising the risk of warpage. Of course, sound leaks are not supposed to occur. The wooden panels are glued together like a sandwich, with a variant of Isomat inbetween as the core layer. Shutters that only consist of wood don't sufficiently insulate, since there is not enough internal muting. A well-insulating sheet material, or in this case a shutter, consists of multiple layers with a massive core. As for our acoustic shutters, we selected a variant of Isomat with a mass of 8 kg/m². There are two other variants of Isomat available, with a mass of 14 kg/m² and of 24 kg/m². 

Akoestische binnenluikenThe shutters are finished at the edges with a profile at the end face, in order to hide the isolating core. If necessary, this profile can be modified later on, which is practicle if the walls are not completely perpendicular. These shutters are provided with a nice decorative profile at both sides. Small handles were added to facilitate opening and closing the shutters. Just like the decorative profiles, the shutters can be varnished in every possible RAL colour, in order to make them seamlessly fit the interior.

Making acoustic indoor shutters yourself
If customised work doesn't fit your budget, or if you wish to make the indoor shutters by yourself, we recommend using the acoustic construction plate Merfoplex. With this product you don't need to buy all the different materials seperately and glue them together by yourself! The tips that guide you through making the shutters can be found in the first part of this article: "Making Soundproofing Indoor Shutters Using Merfoplex".

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