Tips for the vibration-free mounting of a dartboard

How to Hang a Dartboard Vibration-Free

Playing darts without causing nuisance
Darts is a popular sport and is often practiced at home. In this case, the sport may sometimes cause an unexpected sound problem, namely contact noise. A dart transmits vibration (resonance) to the dartboard, which, in turn, transmits it to the surface, for example the partition wall with the neighbours. Usually the nuisance is not too big, but in the long run it can become annoying. Fortunately, the solution is very simple. In cooperation with the customer mentioned below, we came up with the following solution:

"Dear Sir/Madam,

This week I started the project, and indeed successfully! The neighbours don't experience any nuisance anymore. I used two different MDF boards: the one against the wall containing a thickness of 15mm and the one behind the dartboard a thickness of 18mm.

  • I sawed the plate behind the dartboard into the shape of a circle that has the same size as the surround ring (the red foam rubber ring surrounding the dartboard to prevent damage in case of a bad aim). Then, I covered it with a piece of carpeting. The original hanging system of the dartboard is made of steel, which I replaced by a plastic one. I glued the Regufoam on the back of the dartboard utilising mounting kit, after which I glued the board to the wall plate.
  • I didn't change the shape of the squared  15mm wall plate (which I still have to paint in white), because of the hanging. I put two threaded rods (m6) in the wall, and attached the whole thing to them using wing nuts to facilitate (dis)assembly.

Kind darts greetings"  

Applied products Dartbord isolatie
As for this solution, Regufoam D150 with a thickness of 25mm was used. Overall, four cubes of about 150 x 100 x 25mm should be sufficient. Our client sawed a sheet of wood into the shape of a circle that was slightly larger than his dartboard, and provided it with carpet as a finishing layer. The dartboard was attached to this plate by means of the mounting clip belonging to the board. The round plate of wood was equipped with Regufoam blocks at the back and attached to the square plate. The entire thing was then mounted against the wall using wing nuts.

Dartbord isolerenIf you can still perceive contact in the adjacent room, you can double the thickness of the blocks. You just make four more blocks at the same size and glue them together with Sikaflex Mounting Kit.

When the blocks are thicker, the vibration needs to travel a longer distance, which further reduces the noise problem. Pay attention to the fact that the dartboard has come 50mm off the wall, so make sure to measure the available space if the dartboard is hanging in a dart cabinet.

Necessary products Regufoam
Do you have an acquaintance with the same noise problem? With the necessary products for decoupling your dartboard, you can easily mount another dartboard vibration-free!

In order to tackle this noise problem, you can order the following products: one mat of Regufoam vibration insulation with item number M0715, and one kit case with Sikaflex adhesive kit for mounting.

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