Do you want to know how to insulate tubes and pipes? In this article you can read how to solve sound issues regarding tubes and pipes by means of Merfisol.

Insulating Tubes and Pipes Using Merfisol

What is Merfisol?

Merfisol is a product for acoustically and thermally insulating all kind of channels: PVC tubes, downpipes, drain pipes, indoor raindrainage, ventilation ducts, and air ducts.


Merfisol consists of three layers:
• 8 mm of heavy PU foam, fire class.
• Synthetic ground plate, 4,5 kg/m².
• Aluminium top layer, in order to improve thermal insulation.

5 Star pipe insulation

Just like Merfowrap Leaded, Merfisol also scores 5 stars in the reviews. One reason to draw extra attention to Merfisol was a spontaneous WhatsApp message that we received from a satisfied and enthousiastic customer.

In this situation, flushing the toilet was quiet audible due to an unfinished ceiling. Chances are that hollow ceilings start to function as a resonance box. It turns out that it is very wise to insulate a tube or pipe before finishing the ceiling or wall!

Apart from a message, our customer also sent us some pictures of the application. Onze klant stuurde niet alleen bericht en ook een aantal toepassingsfoto’s: Professionally customised and tightly wrapped around the PVC tube, and, following our recommendations, with double wrapping around the curves!


Step-by-step plan

Do you also need to insulate tubes or pipes? On our tips page you will find an extensive step-by-step plan. It also mentions the alternative of Merfowrap Leaded, a material for insulating tubes and pipes with a dark grey top layer.


Do you have any questions concerning this topic? Please feel free to contact us, we would like to help you.