Does your exercise bike cause noise nuisance whilst exercising? Read everything about the solution on this acoustic tips page.

Insulating an Exercise Bike

Insulate your exercise bike
When the leaves start to fall, it is not very safe to hop on your road bike. The avid cyclist will continue his training inside on an exercise bike. In many cases, this causes noise nuisance. This problem is mainly caused by contact noise, meaning that sound does not travel through the air but through matter. In this case, the roller bench produces vibrations that spread as contact noise, to the downstairs neighbours for instance. This type of problem is solved most efficiently by decoupling the source from the subsoil, in this case a storey floor.

Below you find an example of a customer solution:

In the image below, the dampers are cut into four pieces. In this way the 18mm plywood is optimally supported and the dampers rebound when pressure is applied.

Hometrainer isoleren

The total weight including the plywood, trainer and individual is about 110kg. One set of dampers was used.


This solution shows the importance of experimenting with the prescribed Unidemper Basic vibration dampers. Experimenting may be necessary, because in each situation the transmission of the resonances takes place at a different frequency. The vibration frequency is determined by the load and the type of source. When applying vibration insulation, it is important that the source, in this case the exercise bike, is stable. Stability is also important when setting up a treadmill floating. This ensures a nice and safe workout.

The customer mentioned above has cut one set of Unidemper Basic into 16 equal particles with a sharp hobby knife, and put the pieces on different places under the exercise bike. This gave the best result, which becomes apparant from the pictures.

More is not always better
When isolating vibrations, applying a lot of vibration isolation is not necessarily better. When too much material is used, the vibration source can start to swing. This happens in particular with washing machines, pumps and devices with moving parts that run at a certain speed. If you need an industrial application in order to decouple machines or devices, please contact us first. Using the details of your machine such as weight, floor size and speed, we are happy to calculate the right type of Regufoam for a safe and targeted solution.

Used product
In order to decouple (floating setup) fitness equipment like exercise bikes or treadmills you can use the Unidemper Basic.

Unidemper Basic trillingssisolatie

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