Do you want to make your extractor hood quieter? The Acousticshop has the solution!

Making Your Extractor Hood Quieter

Extractor hoods can produce quite some noise. The noise nuisance is often created by the ventilator inside of the extractor hood which causes the sheet material of the extractor hood to vibrate.

The solution is simple: STP Black Silver anti-drumming mats. These make sure that the sheet material of the extractor hood doesn't vibrate anymore. Cover at least 70% of the sheet material with these mats to obtain the best result. Apply them on the parts of sheet material that vibrate the most. Often this turns out to be the shaft of the extractor hood (indicated by the black arrow in the picture). Make sure that the area where you apply the mats does not become too hot (you should still be able to comfortably touch it with your hands).


Did you order anti-drumming mats? We would like to explain how to install them correctly:

Step 1: Cleaning the substrate

Make sure that on the inside, the extractor hood is completely grease-, dust- and moisture-free. It will be easier to clean the extractor hood when it is disassembled. Products like break cleaner are ideal for this, since they degrease very well and don’t leave a residue.

Step 2: Cutting the material to size

Cut the mats to size with a scissors (if necessary you can make a template to make this easier). Equip at least 70% of the surface with anti-drumming mats.

Step 3: Applying the material

Make sure that the mats are at room temperature (or warmer) and apply them like a sticker. Unroll the foil for about 5 centimeters and firmly press the mat. Then, pull the foil from underneath the mat and firmly press the mat with your other hand. Avoid air bubbles under the mat in order to achieve optimal adhesion. Use a pressure roller of necessary.


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