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Office Acoustics

Noise at the workplaceLuidruchtige collega
Do you frequently have a hard time hearing the person on the other end of the phone? Or does the colleague sitting next to you appear to be quite noisy? You may blame that particular person, but chances are that the problem is caused by poor acoustics.

Poor room acoustics may have more consequences than you think. The most common ones are poor intelligibility while conversing, increased fatigue, and decreased concentration and creativity. Even absenteeism can sometimes be related to a poor acoustic climate. But besides that, a reverberating room simply seems cold and unsociable, and is therefore unpleasant to stay in for a long time. We believe that in addition to ergonomic furniture, the acoustics of a workplace are at least as important!

How do I improve the acoustics?Nadenken over akoestiek
Improving workplace acoustics to an acceptable level doesn't necessarily have to be very complicated. The most basic approach, available at the Acoustics Shop, is to provide at least 25% of two reflection surfaces with sound absorption. These surfaces should include at least one wall and the ceiling. If you do not have any free walls, you should double the percentage, meaning that you provide at least 50% of the ceiling with absorbent products.

If the walls and/or ceiling are not free, you can make use of our acoustic elements like screens, panels, ceiling islands and baffle's. These products are very effective. One of their pluses being that they are movable and available in multiple sizes and colours. Reducing reverberation by placing mounting products under tables is a myth and certainly not efficient. So, look for free space on walls and/or ceilings, since the optimal solution is to install absorbent panels in different spots spread throughout the room.

Which products can I use?
This is the most frequently asked question when it comes to room acoustics. In rooms like offices, waiting or consultation rooms, meeting rooms or conference rooms, the noise problem is mainly caused by medium and high frequencies. This makes selecting a product quite easy, since products with a thickness starting from 25 mm have sufficient absorption values to absorb the higher frequencies, provided that enough square metres are covered (!). However, it remains true that thicker products absorb better, especially medium and low frequencies. Even so, the following rule applies in each case: the more absorption surface, the better the acoustics..

Solutions for the ceiling
Basic ceiling products

  • Flamex Basic, a simple flat sheet material. Effective, easy to process, with a good balance between price, quality and properties.
  • Akotherm GG, smooth polyester wool plate availabe in black and white. This product is a great basic application as well. It is advised not to cut the plate to size, but to assemble it in the way that it is delivered.

Luxury ceiling products

  • Flamex Facet, a bestselling melamine foam panel containing an angled faceted edge. Easy to assemble without special tools. Available in two sizes, in the colours white and grey. Due to the open cell structure and panel thickness it has excellent absorption values in the middle and high frequency range.
  • Flamex Piramide, just like the Flamex Facet, it is easy to assemble. The excellent properties ensure a better acoustic climate. The plain pyramid structure gives your space a fresh look.
  • Flamex Wavehas an original rounded "bumpy" structure and, like the rest of the Flamex range, it is fireproof, easy to cut to size and easy to assemble with our paste or glue.
  • Flamex Baffles, 3D objects in the shape of a cube or a cylinder. Baffles are used in high rooms with a large volume. Both products absorb sound on all sides and come with a hanging eye.
  • Silent Office Ceiling Island, this island enriches the interior and improves its acoustics. Available in various colours and sizes. This ceiling island hangs from the ceiling by means of adjustable cables that are included in the product. Silent Office products absorb sound on both sides and are therefore very effective.

OWall-mounted solutions
Basic wall products

  • Akotherm Faceta polyester absorption plate with bevelled edges. This product is provided with a slight wave structure on one side. If your budget is limited, you can achieve excellent results with this product. Competitively priced and yet aesthetically pleasing.
  • Akotherm D40, a high pressing polyester wool plate size containing high absorption values. This product is similar to the Akotherm Facet, except for the facet edge. The visible side is equipped with a slight wave structure. This Akotherm variant is also perfectly suitable for budget projects!
  • Akotherm GG, a smooth polyester wool board available in black and white. Apart from mounting against the ceiling, this product can be mounted against the wall as well. Akotherm is also used as a filling in homemade absorption panels.

Luxury wall products

  • Flamex Facet, applicable to walls that, due to the vulnerability of the product, you do not come too close to. Containing an aesthetic faceted edge all around. Easy to assemble without special tools. Available in two sizes, and in the colours white and grey. Due to the open cell structure and panel thickness it contains excellent absorption values in the middle and high frequency ranges.
  • Silent Office Wall panel, colourful wall panels in various sizes. Easy to assemble with the included plastic discs. Drill two holes for the panel hooks.
  • Offecct Soundwaveacoustic design panels that, in addition to functioning as a wall covering, also provide better room acoustics. Offecct panels attract attention in a positive way and are thus widely used in reception areas and meeting rooms. You can mount the panels without the use of tools and easily move them.

Solutions for the workplace itself

  • Silent Office Desk Panel, Silent Office
    an aesthetic solution for improving the acoustics of the workplace itself. The desk panel reduces annoying sound reflections from walls and desk. Often used in workplaces where desks touch each other. This product absorbs sound on both sides.
  • Silent Office Shielding Walls,
    give the possibility of isolating a workplace a bit more, preventing nuisance caused by talking. This product absorbs sound on both sides. Temporarily shield a workplace without the need for a full renovation.

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