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Reverberation in Your City Garden? Here is How to Solve It!

A city garden or courtyard can be a haven of peace amidst the noisy city life. Do you want to keep it this way when having a conversation, moving chairs, or organising a garden party? In that case acoustic absorption material is probably no unnecessarary luxury.

The sound problem in a city garden
In city gardens and courtyards, where walls are often located no further than 10 to 20 metre from each other, quite some reverberation can develop. The higher the surrounding walls, the more reverberation, and the more the acoustic nuisance.

The solution
In order to diminish the reverberation, certain surfaces need to be equipped with absorption material. You can determine which surface by standing in the middle of your courtyard or city garden and loudly clapping in your hands a few times. The surface that produces the biggest reflection should be equipped with absorption material. Covering one surface will often be enough. In case it does not suffice, you can always choose to treat multiple surfaces.

The materials
Did you determine which surface you want to treat? If so, you are ready to choose the material:

  • Stratocell
    Stratocell is resistant against various weather conditions, fungus, vermin and rotting, which makes it ideal for outdoor applications. Stratocell is available in 30, 40 or 50 mm. The thicker the material, the higher the absorption value. Stratocell should be mounted with the help of screws and rings or  insulation nails. Stratocell can be rinsed and easily cleaned using a brush.
  • Akotherm D40
    Do you have the possibility to hang the material under a shelter, such as a veranda, canopy, or shed?In that case you can also opt for Akotherm D40. This is a polyester wool and thus moisture-proof. After a while, the material can get dirty because of unclean water. Therefore, we recommend choosing the black variant for outdoor applications. Despite the fact that Akotherm D40 is less dirt-proof, it has higher absorption values than Stratocell. Akotherm D40 can be mounted using Stauf Extreme Tack, both on wooden as well as stone surfaces.

Testimonial of one of our customers
The city garden of one of our customers was surrounded by three high walls and a long yellow wall. The customer chose to equip the latter with Stratocell and followed the following step-by-step plan:

  • Install Stratocell using insulation nails or screws.
  • Shield the short ends of the material by using construction foil or a U-profile, preventing rain from penetrating. By blocking the water, the material's absorption value is preserved and damage by means of frost is avoided.
  • Cover the Stratocell plates using a material of your choice. Our customer chose to use vertical wooden laths, allowing some of the absorption material to remain visible. The more absorption material remains visible, the better the resulting acoustics.

The comment from our customer: 'In terms of acoustics, the result is very satisfying. The expected result is obtained, so we are content.'

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