In this blog post series, we will show you how we made a vehicle significantly quieter. It so happened that we were offered the perfect car for this showcase: a Hummer H1. This first post is about the sound measurement prior to treatment.

Showcase Hummer H1 Part 1: Sound Insulation and Anti-drumming

Part 1: Sound level prior to treatment
In this blog post series, we would like to show you how we significantly reduced the noise produced by a vehicle. The perfect car for this showcase happened to be offered to us by Ramon from Hummer Offroad: a Hummer H1.

About the Hummer
The Hummer H1 is a ‘civil’ version of the Humvee, a vehicle used within the American army. Even though this car can hardly be called civil: its track width is way too wide for virtually all parking spaces, the brackets at the front and back bumper allow the car to hang on a helicopter, the car has only space for 4 passengers, and… it makes a terrible lot of noise. 95 dB(A) in case of a stripped interior to be exact! The standard version of the Hummer doesn’t include any sound insulation, which leaves room for a significant noise reduction. Moreover, the car is suitable for installing a lot of sound absorbing material, since it contains large surfaces of easily accessible sheet material. The square design makes installing the materials even more convenient. In short, the ideal car to showcase our products.

Measuring the sound level of the car
First of all, the car was delivered to the Acoustics Shop, entirely stripped of its interior. After that, the sound level of the car was measured using a calibrated sound level meter.

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