Soundproofing the trunk also contributes to the reduction of noise produced by your car. In part 4 of our showcase we show you how we proceeded with the Hummer H1.

Showcase Hummer H1 Part 4: Sound Insulation and Anti-drumming

The trunk is a compartment of a vehicle that can be significantly improved with regards to sound insulation with relatively little effort. Noise produced by the exhaust or the rolling of tires result in a monotonous sound, rendering driving tiresome. Fatigue caused by noise can result in dangerous situations in traffic!

In part 4 the bottom plate will be equipped with Vibraflex Extreme. This material increases the mass of the substrate. In general, this provides a reduction of 6 dB(A). Finished with Isomat FM this can rise to about 9 dB(A)!

An alternative for Vibraflex Extreme is StP Anticor or anti-drumming by means of the liquid Silent Running. In our booklet you will find additional information about the insulation of trunks.

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