How to soundproof a car, part 6: How to insulate and soundproof wheel arches to reduce driving noise

Showcase Hummer H1 Part 6: Sound Insulation and Anti-drumming

How to insulate and soundproof wheel arches to reduce driving noise
The driving noise is caused by the tyres touching the roads surface and the air getting compressed between the tyres and the road. This causes vibrations in the bodywork of the wheel arches what becomes audible as driving noise. By attaching sound insulating anti-drumming sheets to- and on the wheel arches in the car this driving noise is being isolated. Anti-drumming includes adding mass to the sheet metal. As a result, the rigidity of the bodywork increases, reducing the amount of driving noise that can enter the interior. Products such as Vibraflex Extreme and Vibraflex UF 80 are ideal products for anti-drumming steel, aluminium, polyester, wood and plastics.

How to insulate the wheel arches of your car
All the soundproofing products should be applied inside of the car, not on the outside. The best way to insulate your wheel arches is by covering them completly with Vibraflex Extreme or Vibraflex UF 80. These products add weight and rigidity to these light wight sheet metal parts, thus insulate them. Thoroughly degrease and cleanse the wheel arches first, and then equip their entire surface with one of these products. After the wheel arches are equipped with anti-drumming products they can be finished with acoustic covering like Isomat FM floor mat. This is a nice sound proofing mat with a wear-resistant top layer. The floor of the car can be insalted with these products as well.

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