How to soundproof a car, part 7 & 8: How to insulate and soundproof the roof and center console.

Showcase Hummer H1 Part 7 & 8: Sound Insulation and Anti-drumming

How to insulate the roof, dashboard and the center console
We advise to attach a lighter anti-drumming sheets to insulate the roof. You can use Vibraflex Normal or Vibraflex UF 30 to insulate the roof to reduce airflow over the roof and insulate vibrations. When it comes to the anti-drumming of a roof, we advise to cover about 60 to 70% of the total surface, only the flat parts of the roof.

How to insulate the roof
Begin with thoroughly cleaning the surfaces which you want to insulate, as this allows the insulation material to attach well. Never touch the adhesive side of any product, even greasy fingers can adversely affect the adhesive. Apply the bitumen damping sheets like a sticker. Avoid air bubbles and use the pressure roller to apply the sheets to the roof. We recommend to use Vibraflex Normal. Make sure the sheets are warm enough this makes the sheets flexible and activates the adhesive layer.

To insulate the roof against heat you can apply a layer of Akotherm Basic polyster wool with some contact adhesive. This will insulate noise more and reduces heat. Akotherm can be mounted between the Vibraflex and the headliner of the car.

How to insulate the center console (tunnel)
The center console, or tunnel, can transmit heat and noise from the transmission and exhaust pip into the car. In order to insulate the centre console you need to take this part(s) out of the car. The console can be insulated with Aluglass reduce the radition of heat from the transmission or exhaust, depending on the type of vehicle. Consoles that causes noise in the cabin can also be insulated with bitumen damping sheets like Vibraflex. As always, clean the parts that you want to insulate before applying any self-adhesive products.

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