In part 7 and 8 we deal with the last parts of the hummer: the roof, the dashboard and the centre console.

Showcase Hummer H1 Part 7 & 8: Sound Insulation and Anti-drumming

We advise to attach a lighter anti-drumming plate with an aluminium top layer against the roof. As for the roof of the Hummer we have used Vibraflex Alu. An alternative for this is StP Silver. When it comes to the anti-drumming of a roof, we advise to cover at least 70% of the total surface. Thoroughly degrease and cleanse the surface in question first, as this allows the insulation material to adhere well.

In order to insulate the dashboard and the centre console we first took these parts out of the car. Then, we stripped these parts of the already present absorption material. You can use this old absorption material to create a template for the new material. As for the centre console, we chose Aluglass, since the exhaust pipe runs under this part of the car. The material is heat resistant. On top of the parts of the dashboard we added the sound insulation material Vibraflex Normal, which we first cut to size. After providing the surface of the Vibraflex with contact adhesive we attached the sound absorption material Akotherm to it. This combination of anti-drumming, sound insulation and sound absorption prevents the dashboard from vibrating and counters airborne noise.

In the next part: the endresult by means of a new sound measurement!

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