Reduce the noise caused by the tapping of rain and hail on and against roller shutter boxes and window sills.

Sound Insulation for Roller Shutter Cabinets

Sound insulation for shutter cabinets and windowsills
The housing, also called roller shutter cabinet, in which a roller shutter is rolled up is commonly not soundproof, so that closing the roller shutter causes noise nuisance inside your house. This noise problem can be fixed!

In general, roller shutter cabinets are made of fairly thin sheet material, such as metal or aluminium. The position of the roller shutter cabinet is often just outside the façade, resulting in a (loud) ticking sound when it rains or hails, which is transmitted by the roller shutter cabinet. This can especially be noticed when the roller shutter is being closed. Now, the housing or cabinet is empty and functions like a soundbox. Because the housing is empty, sound is being amplified and reverberates. Also sound from outside enters through the roller shutter cabinet. The end result is quite a big sound leak. The solution to this noise problem is relatively simple.

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Sound insulation for roller shutter cabinets
In case of insulating roller shutter cabinets made of steel or aluminium, we recommend you to mount anti-drumming mats on the inside of the cabinet. You can use the self-adhesive anti-drumming mats of the brand STP Black Silver for this purpose. This product reduces the gong effect in the sheet material. The mats prevent the sheet material from moving, so that vibration cannot travel through the cabinet, resulting in small dull taps instead of long gong sounds. You can count on a reduction by at least 50%.

Before mounting, make sure that the surface is dry, clean and grease-free. Then cover as much sheet surface on the inside of the cabinet as possible, with STP Black Silver cushioning mats. The optimal condition to install the mats is at least at room temperature. Prevent air bubbles under the material to ensure the products' optimal functioning. This can be achieved the easiest by using a pressure roller.

Sound insulation for metal windowsills
A windowsill made of aluminium or steel constitutes the same problem as a roller shutter cabinet, thin and light sheet material functions as a gong during hail or rain. In this case the solution is simple as well! Disassemble the windowsill and clean the foundation. Cover this entire side of the windowsill with STP Black Silver to achieve optimal results.

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