Akotherm SF is a firm absorption plate available in several variants. It can be applied in rooms with a lot of reverberation.

What Is Akotherm SF and What Is It Used for?


Polyester wool originally comes from the clothing industry where it is used as padding of, amongst others, skiing clothes. At the beginning of 2002 Merford introduced polyester wool in the acoustic branch under the trademark Akotherm. Ever since, the product has been further developed and is now available in many variants, Akotherm SF being one of them. This variant of Akotherm has received a finish, resulting in a sturdy absorption plate that contains a felt-like look at both sides.

What it is and does

Akotherm SF is an absorption material, which means that the product transforms vibration in the air into warmth. In other words: it mutes sound in an otherwise reverberating space. Sound absorption is not the same as sound insulation. Sound insulation indicates the attempt to keep sound in- or outside one and the same room. Sound absorbing materials have very little or no insulating effect.

Where to apply?

Akotherm SF can be applied in order to improve the acoustics in rooms with a lot of reverberation. Because of its neutral look and large dimensions, the product can be applied almost everywhere.

From time to time, we receive pictures from customers who applied our products. For example, below you can see white Akotherm SF plates installed against the ceiling of the living room of the de Vries family.

Akotherm SF installed against the ceiling of a living room

There are also customers that come up with surprising designs. For example, Mathijs created ‘floating’ ceiling panels by using black and white Akotherm SF plates. By sticking a black plate on a white one it looks like the panel is floating. Mathijs applied this solution in his kitchen. 

Akotherm SF put together in order to improve the acoustics of the kitchen


Got curious?

Do you think Akotherm  SF may be a suitable product for you in order to improve your acoustics? Request a sample via our contact form and we will gladly send it to you!