Stratocell is a sound absorbing material which reduces the reverberation of (outdoor) spaces. The material is made from polyethyleen (LDPE). This is a durable synthetic material.

What is Stratocell?

Stratocell is the ideal absorption material for reducing reverberation in (outdoor) spaces that can get dampy or wet, such as a garden or court(yard), a garage, carwash or appliance housing. But this product is also very suitable for sound absorbtion in rooms that are too humid to apply foam material, such as engine rooms in ships and yachts. Stratocell is the only material that is resistant against weather conditions, fungus, vermin, and rotting.

Stratocell has a remarkable look. It looks like a perforated synthetic plate that contais air bubbles. Stratocell is made from polyethyleen (LDPE), a durable synthetic material which is also used to make garbage containers. Stratocell is lightweight and can be easily cut to size. Despite there lightness, the plates are sturdy enough to not bend.

Sound absorption

Reverberation comes into existence when sound waves reflect between different walls. When a sound continues to sound for too long, this becomes annoying. Sound absorbing materials are designed in such a way that they absorb sound waves, rather than reflect them. Most sound absorbing materials are not suitable for usage in humid rooms. Do you still need an absorption material that is resistant against these type of conditions? Than Stratocell is the ideal solution.

Areas of application
Stratocell is widely applicable. It does not rot, it can be cleaned, is moisture-proof, shape-retaining and UV-proof. Thanks to these unique features it can be applied in places where the standard foam or woolen products are not suitable. We geven graag een aantal voorbeelden: 

  • Garden or court(yard)
    In gardens or court(yard)s that contain a lot of hard surfaces, like facades or walls, playing children or barking dogs can cause nuisance. Stratocell can reduce the reverberation, and thus significantly diminish the nuisance.
  • Architectural acoustics
    In spaces like passageways under buildings, garages and playgrounds, sounds ofte spread via ceilings and high walls. In these situations, passing vehicles can cause noise nuisance. In these cases Stratocell can limit the extento to which sounds spreads to the vicinity. Please note, make sure to meet possible requirements regarding fire safety in public spaces.
  • Yacht, ship- and machinebuilding
    Sound absorption is also frequently used in the area of yacht, ship, and machinebuilding, amongst others when building machine rooms and engine housings. We discourage using standard absorption material in humid spaces, like under the waterline or lower in the vessel, standard absorption material. In these cases Stratocell is the solution. On the picture you can see the housing of a pump, a place where foam was not applicable due to the risk of flying liquid and dirt.

Technical specifications and properties

  • Absorption values measured according to the norm EN: 354:2003
    Stratocell Whisper 40 mm NRC = 0,95; αw= 0,70 = Absorption class C
    Stratocell Whisper 50 mm NRC = 0,95; αw= 0,80.= Absorption class B
  • Fire classification, Stratocell is flame-retardant according:
    • Transport- / Automotive sector
      • NF F 16 - 101 Class F1
        DIN 54837 Class S3
        FMVSS 302
        Appliances: UL94-HF1
    • Construction sector
      • EN 13501 - Class B-S2-do
        UL 94 Class HF1
        Din 4102 Class B1

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