How to soundproof exhaust noise

Soundproofing against exhaust noise in vehicles
Especially in larger vehicles exhaust noise can cause problems in the cabin. Insulation against exhaust noise requires the same approach as insulating the floor and wheel arches. Exhaust noise easily enters the vehicle thru the floor, since the sheet metal of the floor doesn't contain a lot of mass. The solution is simple and easy to carry out.

How to insulate exhaust noise in vehicles?
Bitumen damping- and anti-drumming is the solution to this problem. Insulate the floor of the vehicle by applying damping sheets, Vibraflex Extreme or Vibraflex UF (8 kg).  To apply Vibraflex you need to warm up the product, this way the sheets become very supple so they can be molded in the shape of the floor and/or wheel arches.  You can use Isomat FM as a finishing layer and for extra insulation. This acoustic floor mat can be applied loosely or fixed with glue over the Vibraflex anti-drumming.

Soundproofing products for vehicles

Products to insulate soundproof exhaust noise


How to insulate and soundproof a vehicle
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