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Perfect sound insulation and acoustics with the Studiobricks sound studio
One of the best ways to isolate music sound is by means of a sound studio. A sound studio, also called a cabin, is specially designed to isolate music sound (to keep the sound in or outside a room). In a house with a double brick wall and concrete floor, the noise level at the neighbours will often be reduced to whisper level. Good insulation is also achieved in combination with a wooden floor and thin walls.

The advantages of a Studiobricks sound studio:

  • Completely! 
    A Studiobricks package includes acoustic panels, carpet, lighting, power supply and acoustic ventilation unit.
  • Proven results! 
    A Studiobricks studio can be tried out beforehand so that you know what to expect. The insulation values of the studios are measured according to the NEN717-1 standard.
  • Movable! 
    A Studiobricks studio can be moved and moved. Is the studio not located in the right place or are you moving? The studio is easy to move.

In our Showroom we can demonstrate the Studiobricks One Plus. Please feel free to contact us to make an appointment to visit our Showroom.

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Studiobricks sound studios
Do you want to know more about Studiobricks' sound studios and the possibilities? Take a look at our tips page 'All about Studiobricks sound studios'  or make an appointment for the showroom.