Sound Absorbing Materials: Better Acoustics Due to Less Reverberation

By applying sound absorption, you can ensure a reduction in the noise level of a room. The material prevents sound reflections (reverberation), improving the acoustics in a room. This makes a room sound better, allowing you to concentrate and to understand people, the TV, and the radio better.

What is sound absorption
When absorbing sound, sounds are absorbed in an absorption material (attenuated). Some of that sound is converted into heat, the rest reflects back into the room. Absorption materials can be made of foams such as flake foam, PU foam or melamine foam, (Flamex) or of polyester wool (Akotherm). The 'openness' and thickness of the absorption material determines the absorption value (how much sound is be absorbed). The thicker the material or product, the higher the absorption value and the better the end result. The amount of square metres to be applied doesn't decrease a lot with thicker material. It is intended to reduce areas of reflection.

We have suitable sound absorption for almost every application. In order to improve the acoustics of a room, implying the absorption material will be installed in plain sight, we have high-quality, Acoustic panels, Acoustic plates, Baffles and Bass traps in our range.

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Below you will find our range of sound-absorbing products for various applications:

  1. Akotherm Basic
    Akotherm Basic
    Acoustic filling
    • Polyester wool
    • Sound-absorbing, thermal insulating filling
    • Alternative to mineral wool types

    Starting at £6.59

    (incl. tax)
  2. PU Finishing Tape
    PU Finishing Tape
    To close gaps between sheets
    • For finishing gaps between two panels
    • Oil, dirt and moisture-proof top layer, heat-resistant
    • Easy to keep clean

    Starting at £18.17

    (incl. tax)
  3. Akotherm GG wit
    Akotherm SF
    Sound absorbing panel
    • High density of 40kg/m³
    • Double sided extra smooth finish
    • For indoor and outdoor

    Starting at £19.55

    (incl. tax)
  4. Acousticcell
    Sound absorbing foam
    • PU foam with a densified, cross-linked top layer
    • Sound absorption
    • Equipped with a sticker

    Starting at £23.18

    (incl. tax)
  5. Flamex PU
    Flamex PU
    Dirt-resistant Absorption Panel
    • Melamine foam with PU top layer
    • Sound-absorbing panel with oil, moisture and dirt-resistant top layer
    • Equipped with adhesive

    Starting at £32.39

    (incl. tax)
  6. Acousticcell PU
    Acousticcell PU
    Dirt-resistant absorption foam
    • Moisture and dirt repellent
    • Application including engine compartment
    • Hygienic areas

    Starting at £28.01

    (incl. tax)
  7. Flamex FC
    Flamex FC
    Absorption plate
    • Fiberglass cloth (FC) top layer
    • Heat-resistant Max. 150 degrees
    • For boats and vehicles

    Starting at £52.97

    (incl. tax)
  8. Merfocom Combination
    Merfocom Combination
    Absorption and insulation board
    • Equipped with sound insulating barrier
    • Sound-absorbing and Sound-insulating
    • Equipped with an oil-resistant and fire-resistant top layer

    Starting at £106.36

    (incl. tax)
  9. Stratocell Whisper FR
    Stratocell Whisper FR
    Absorbent material for outdoor applications
    • Polyethylene sheet
    • Moisture-proof sound absorption
    • Also for outdoor use

    Starting at £38.38

    (incl. tax)
  10. Soundstone
    Acoustic ceiling panel
    • White fibreglass coating
    • Suitable for suspended ceilings
    • Easy to customize

    Starting at £15.37

    (incl. tax)