Sound Absorption: To Improve Acoustics & Insulate Noise

Sound absorption to improve acoustics or insulate noise
With the principle sound absorption you can solve many sound and noise related problems. To improve the acoustics in a living room, office or studio you need products that have sound absorbing properties and a certain appearance. We call those products 'Acoustic Panels'. Products to insulate and reduce noise from appliances and machines and products to soundproof boats, yachts and vehicles we call 'Acoustic Sheets'. The difference between those products is the appearance and fire resistance. For your convenience we set them apart:

Acoustic panels
Products to improve the acoustics in an office, studio, living room or classroom, click on a product below or here to see our complete range of Acoustic Panels. Sound absorbers & Acoustic panels
  • Akotherm - Akotherm Basic D40 - Akotherm Edge - Akotherm SF - Akotherm Cloud
  • Flamex - Flamex Basic - Flamex Edge - Flamex Pyramid
  • Soundstone - Soundstone Drop Ceiling
Sound absorbers, products to insulate noise
  • Acousticcell - Acousticcell PU - Acousticcell MMF Alu -  Acousticcell VSP
  • Merfocell - Merfocell FC - Merfocell PU - Merfocell Burl
  • Flamex - Flamex FC - Flamex PU
  • Merfocom - Insulation & soundproofing
  • Merfodamp - Insulation & soundproofing

Which product do I need?!
You've probably seen a lot of products, but still have no idea which product you need to use? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to give you advice!

Our range of sound-absorbing products for various applications: