Building your own studio

Building your own (home) studio
A sound-isolating room or studio is a must for musicians, but also for vloggers, DJs and producers. A studio makes it possible to work undisturbed and without causing any nuisance. A sound studio is not only a room intended to keep sounds in or out, but also a room where you can adjust the room acoustics to your own liking to make beautiful recordings, with or without reverberation.

There are all kinds of studio booths on the market, but they are expensive and do not fit everyone's budget. That is why the Acousticshop is happy to advice you on how to make your own studio or how to soundproof a room to use as a studio. With some skills, building a sound studio yourself, with our products, is indeed doable!

Soundproofing to build your own studio Soundproofing for walls and ceiling
There are two studio building methods: make a studio booth (box-in-box principle) or make use of your entire room, floor space, by soundproofing the whole room with Akoestikon Acoustic Studs decoupled and floating walls and ceiling system, and Polypress Vibration Insulation to make decoupled, floating floors. The convention is that both methods involve the box-in-box principle. Which means no rigid connections between the studio and the building.

Studio door
To soundproof a door we have a complete guide on soundproofing a door yourself.

Guide to studio building
In addition we have a pretty extensive tips page on how to build your own studio. And as always, if you have any questions, just let us know, advice is always free at!

Products for soundproofing and building a studio