Additional Accessories

Acoustic accessories & tools
Our acoustic accessories and tools can help you to install, apply and give our products the finishing touch. On this page you find all sorts of practical products such as, finishing tape, glue, air duct dampers and even drop seals.

Contact glue and mounting paste Pressure roller for anti drumming sheets
We have two types of glue in our range, contact adhesive and a mounting paste, to attach and install our products to almost any surface. Use contact adhesive on products that don't absorb moisture, such as Isomat and Regufoam. For products that can absorb moisture, like Akotherm polyester wool and foam products, without self-adhesive backing, we have the Stauf Extreme Tack mounting paste. This water based glue is easy to apply and practically odourless.

Finishing and Insulation Tape
Use our Finishing Tapes to mask the seams between products with an Aluminium or PU top layer. The use of Finishing Tapes is highly recommended to prevent the penetration of fuel, oil, moisture and dirt between gaps and seams. For the installation of tube- and pipe insulation sheets you can use Insulation Tape or Alu Finishing Tape.

Noise reduction accessories
Practical and useful products to reduce noise that you otherwise might forget about. These are the round air duct dampers, to ventilate rooms more quietly. An air tight cable duct for studio booths and machine enclosures and the Elton drop seal to close the gap between a door and the floor.

Our Acoustic accessories & tools