How to improve car audio and car hifi

Reduce vibrations and improve car audio
Loudspeakers and subwoofers causes vibrations in bodywork, doors and paneling of a car, especially with high-performance car audio systems. This results in poor music quality and in the worst case nasty sounding vibrations and even rattling outside of the vehicle. To reduce and prevent vibrations and improve your car hifi, and performance of you car audio, we have some great products and guidelines.

How to improve car audio and hifi
Quick and simple! The parts that you need to insulate are all the parts where loudspeakers or subwoofers are mounted or place at. Remove all paneling and upholstery from doors and side panels. Clean all bodywork very thoroughly. Loudspeakers are mostly mounted in the doors and side panels. Insulate and soundproof the inside of the doors and the frames, on which the upholstery is attached, and also the inside of the door.

To insulate a subwoofer in the boot is recommend to dampen the floor with Vibraflex Extreme bitumen damping sheets. If you experience vibrations from the sub, you best place the subwoofer on Regufoam Pads, these pads reduce vibrations to the car and improves the car hifi experience in general. 

How use Vibraflex sound deadener
Warm the Vibraflex sheets up to just above room temperature, this makes the product supple and easy to apply. It's important to avoid air bubbles between the Vibraflex sheets and the surface. Anti-drumming works on the principle that it holds the surface, this insulates vibrations, and thus the gong effect. Air bubbles can also cause rust. With our pressure roller you can avoid this.

The best products to improve car acoustics

Guide to improve car audio
On our tips page you can find an even more extensive guide on how to improve your car audio and products.

Products for improving car audio:

How to insulate a vehicle
On our Vehicle Insulation page you find all the solutions and products for the insulation of any vehicle, cars, camper van or panel van. On our Tips & Tricks page we have multiple pages with guidelines and tips on car audio, Landrover and motorhome insulation. Need advice or product samples? Just let us know  by sending an email