Anti-drumming Pastes for Insulating Sheet Metal

What is anti-drumming?
Anti-drumming is the insulation of vibration in sheet material, such as steel, aluminum and polyester. In addition to bitumen anti-drumming plates, which are practical in use, there are also products such as anti-drumming pastes. Anti-drumming products adhere to a sheet material, and insulate the vibration that would otherwise cause a gong sound. The result is a reduction in sound radiation from the processed plate surfaces: when touched the sound will be muffled, the gong sound will be gone.

Sandwich anti-drumming is widely used in ship and yacht building as insulation of the ship's hull, for example around the engine and the (bow) thruster; or in waste and glass containers, which emit a lot of noise when they are empty and being filled. But also in case of trucks that are used to supply shops in residential areas, sandwich anti-drumming the tail lift and the (flap of a) loading pit may provide the solution to the noise problem.

However, in order to insulate sheet metal (steel) thicker than 4 mm, anti-drumming with bitumen plates is not sufficient. An anti-drumming paste is also more suitable at locations where bitumen anti-drumming can come into contact with, for example, diesel oil (which dissolves bitumen). Our anti-drumming pastes can be used universally, but especially for ships and yachts we recommend using Vibradamp A90-P. You can also apply the 'sandwich anti-drumming' method by combining Vibradamp A90-P with Zincor steel plates.

What is the application?
Make the surface rust, grease and dirt free (paint/coating can remain). Subsequently, apply Vibradamp A-90-P two-component paste at least one and a half meters around the source in a ratio of 1:1:4. This ratio implies that for every 4 mm steel thickness you apply 1 mm paste and 1 mm Zincor steel plates. The Zincor steel plates function as counter plates and are pressed into the paste with a mutual distance of ±10 mm. The steel cannot vibrate anymore and the gong sound is greatly reduced. 

Which anti-drumming method do I use in which case?

  • Vibradamp A-90-P: 2-component anti-drumming paste, in combination with Zincor steel plates on sheet material of 3 mm thick or more.
  • Terophon 112DB: Sprayable anti-drumming compound for large projects. You need a hose pump and air compressor (to be supplied by yourself) for this method.

Below you will find the products for anti-drumming sheet metal

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  1. Zincor
    Steel plates
    • Galvanized Metal plates For Sandwich anti-drumming
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  2. Vibradamp A90P
    Vibradamp A90P
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