Anti-drumming Paste for Insulating Sheet Metal

What is anti-drumming?
Anti-drumming is the acoustical term to describe the isolation of vibrations in rigid materials, such as aluminum, metal (sheet metal) and polyester. By applying anti-drumming products to a sheet metal surface for instance, vibrations that cause a drumming effect or gong like sound are isolated and dampened. Vibrations cannot travel through a material and the gong sound is gone. For the anti-drumming and insulation of heavy steel structures it's best to use a sandwich anti-drumming solution, Vibrdamp A90P and Zincor.

Anti-drumming paste and compound to isolate vibrations Vibradamp insulating bridge noise
Anti-drumming paste and compound is widely used in ship and yacht building to isolate vibrations from the engine, propellor, bow thruster and bow thruster tube. In steel waste and glass containers, which emit a lot of noise when they are emptied or being filled. Loading docks in warehouses, pallet trucks and steel ramps.

Even bridges that resonate because of traffic can be insulated with Anti-drumming products. Especially light pedestrian bridges in cities, these can produce heavy gong-like sounds. The picture shows a project we did, the dampening of large parts of a bridge to make it quieter.

When to use Anti-drumming paste
Anti-drumming sheets, like Vibraflex, are very efficient in damping and isolating vibrations in steel up to 4 to maybe 5 mm. However, in order to insulate materials thicker than 4 mm with anti-drumming sheet is not efficient nor sufficient. An anti-drumming paste is the better choice for soundproofing a vessel or steel structures. Anti-drumming past and compound is also more suitable in locations where bitumen anti-drumming can come into contact with diesel, this will dissolves bitumen. We recommend Vibradamp anti-drumming paste in luxurious yachts and large ships with thick hulls. Vibradamp A90P is always used as a sandwich applications, meaning Vibradamp used on steel as a compound in combination with Zincor steel plates.

How to use anti-drumming paste
Make the surface rust, grease and dirt free (paint/coating can remain). Subsequently, apply Vibradamp A-90-P two-component paste, at least one and a half meters around the source, in a ratio of 1:1:4. This ratio implies that for every 4 mm steel thickness you apply 1 mm paste and 1 mm Zincor steel plates. The Zincor steel plates function as counter plates and are pressed into the paste with a mutual distance of ±10 mm. The steel cannot vibrate anymore and the gong sound is greatly reduced.

Here you find anti-drumming paste and compound