Improving Acoustics in Offices

Improving acoustics in offices and workplace
Improving acoustics in the officePoor acoustics in offices and workplaces are experienced as being busy, crowded places and causes limiting intelligibility, fatigue and reducing concentration and productivity. The reason for this is the use of (too many) hard materials as part of the interior. In time poor acoustics in an office, and other workplaces, can lead to health issues.
An investment in improving the acoustics in offices will therefore pay off in the future. On top of that, you improve the well-being of your colleagues.

How to improve acoustics in offices and workplace?

In short, installing sound absorbing acoustics panels, this is the first and most obvious step, it ensures a 'damped' effect which provides tranquility and conversations become intelligible again. In offices and workplaces in which many people are present there is a need for a large amount of acoustic paneling. Lots of people means a lot of conversations and noise througout the whole room. Sound absorbing products and acoustic panels should be evenly distributed througout the office. Mounting panels to the ceiling is in most cases the easiest place to start with. There are various products and materials to create a pleasant acoustic climate. On the tips page "Office Acoustics" we have a more in depth explaination regarding acoustics in offices.

Acoustic panels for walls
In smaller offices and workplaces most of the reflections of sound occurs between the walls of a room. It is recommend to start with mounting acoustic panels on two walls, each wall should be covered for about 30% with sound absorbing products. This should result in a reasonable improvement. In large rooms the ceiling will reflected sound as well, mount acoustic panels to the ceiling above places where sound is produced, usually workplaces, desks, coffee corner and copy machines (places where people meet). A few suggestions are, Akotherm SF, Akotherm Edge and Flamex Edge

Acoustic panels for ceilings
In large rooms, a wall application alone is not sufficient. Not only because the ceiling reflects more sound in large rooms than in small rooms, but also because there is a certain amount of sound absorbing surface needed to improve the acoustics. In most cases it is also necessary to equip at least 40 to 50% of the ceiling with products. Some product suggestions are: Akotherm SF, Flamex Facet, Soundstone, the latter is ideal for offices with drop down ceilings. Just replace the panels in the ceiling and the acoustics are improved.

Products to improve the acoustics in the office and workplace

  1. Soundstone
    Acoustic ceiling panel
    • Improve room acoustics
    • Suitable for suspended ceilings
    • Easy to cut, white fibreglass coating

    Starting at £15.37

    (incl. tax)
  2. Akotherm Edge to improve office acoustics
    Akotherm Edge
    Acoustic panel with faceted edge
    • High density Polyester wool
    • Sound-absorbing to improve acoustics
    • aesthetic look

    Starting at £16.63

    (incl. tax)
  3. Flamex Edge Acoustic Foam Panel
    Flamex Edge
    Acoustic Foam Panel
    • Reduces reverberation in a room
    • For wall and ceiling
    • Decorative edge of 45°

    Starting at £24.54

    (incl. tax)
  4. Flamex Pyramid applied in a living room
    Flamex Pyramid
    Acoustic foam panel
    • Improve the acoustics in a room
    • For wall or ceiling 
    • Decorative design

    Starting at £25.06

    (incl. tax)