Insulating Wheel Arches

Isolating driving noise
Driving noise is mainly caused by rolling noise from the tires. Driving noise enters the vehicle through the wheel arches and underbody. This noise problem can be reduced quite easily by installing anti-drumming mats. By providing plate surfaces of the body with these mats, the surfaces are held in place, so to speak. As a result, the radiation of sound is considerably reduced.

Step-by-step plan for insulating the wheel arches

  • Step 1: Degrease and clean
    Make sure that all parts to be insulated, wheel arches and the underbody, are thoroughly cleaned and degreased. Do not touch the self-adhesive layer of the anti-drumming mats. The adhesive does not adhere as well due to greasy fingers.
  • Step 2: Isolate the Sound
    For this, you should preferably use the heavier types of anti-drumming such as Vibraflex Extreme or STP Aero Bomb. These products are particularly suitable for insulating the underbody, wheel arches, bulkhead and spare wheel well. Heat the products if necessary, and apply without including air bubbles. Provide as many body parts as possible with these products. The video shows you how to proceed.
  • Step 3: Sound insulation and operation
    Additional insulation and finishing is done by providing the insulated surfaces with Isomat VM. This sound-insulating floor mat has a high mass, has an anti-slip top layer and looks attractive. Thanks to its appearance, the floor mat can simply be used as a floor covering.
  • Step 4: Sound Absorption (Optional)
    You can install Acusticell VSP in the interior to absorb other road noise (on a flat surface). This absorption material has a beautiful, perforated top layer of artificial leather, making it suitable for further finishing the interior. You can also use Tecnocell sound absorption to cover the roof (skyline).

Below you will find all the products described for insulating the wheel arches

  1. Pressure roller
    Pressure roller
    For pressing anti-drumming plates in place
    • For installing sound-baffling panels
    • Prevents air bubbles
    • Non-slip handle

    Starting at £20.38

    (incl. tax)
  2. Acousticcell
    Sound absorbing foam
    • PU foam with a densified, cross-linked top layer
    • Sound absorption
    • Equipped with a sticker

    Starting at £23.18

    (incl. tax)
  3. Vibraflex Ontdreuning set
    Sound deadener sheets
    • Bitumen board with added mass
    • Sound deadening and sound insulation
    • High mass and self-adhesive

    Starting at £30.77

    (incl. tax)
  4. Isomat FM
    Isomat FM
    Sound-insulating floor mat
    • Plastic sheet with a resilient layer of PVC foam
    • Sound insulating
    • Suitable as a floor mat in, among other things, campers, trucks, tractors

    Starting at £60.24

    (incl. tax)

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