How to insulate wheel arches?

Reduce noise in vehicles by insulating wheel arches
Next to the engine and the exhaust the wheels are third in row of producing noise that enters a vehicle. While driving a vehicle the turning of the wheels and tyres touching the road, noise is produced and enters the vehicles cabin via the floor, boot and the wheel arches. On this page you can find Vibraflex Extreme, insulation and soundproofing product to use for wheel arch sound deadening.

How to insulate wheel arches of any vehicle
Insulate the arches inside the vehicle, not on the outside. Make sure that the surfaces of the wheel arches are clean and free of dirt, dust and grease. Brake cleaner is cheap and works very well, leave no residue of any cleaning product. Vibraflex Extreme is stiff and rigid when cold, but flexible and supple when warm. So heat up the sheets, just above room temperature, and apply the sheets as it we’re a sticker, avoid air bubbles. Our pressure roller is ideal for the job, especially on round a uneven surfaces!

If arches are not to round, but box-like in shape, you insulate the arches with Isomat FM. Great product for insulation and the finishing touch, especially when you don’t have any upholstery in your car.

Products for sound deadening wheel arches


How to insulate a vehicle
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