Anti-drumming Sheets for Insulating Sheet Metal

What is anti-drumming?
Anti-drumming is the acoustical term to describe the isolation of vibrations in rigid materials, such as aluminum, metal (sheet metal) and polyester. By applying anti-drumming sheets, or bitumen damping sheets, to a sheet metal surface for instance, vibrations that cause a drumming or gong like sound are isolated and dampened. Vibrations cannot travel through a material and the gong sound is gone.

How do anti-drumming sheets work? Anti-drumming sheets
By applying anti-drumming, or bitumen damping sheets, to a sheet of metal, the product takes a firm grip of that rigid surface. It’s the same as when you firmly grip a bell and try to ring it,  the bell won’t give a ringing sound. With that firm grip you have prevented vibrations to travel through the bell, thereby isolating the vibrations that otherwise would cause the sound of a ringing bell. This is what anti-drumming does to sheet metal for instance, it isolates a gong (bell) sound.

The most common application of anti-drumming you most likely can find in your own home, if you have a steel sink that is. Look underneath the sink for a small patch of black material, this is anti-drumming, it reduces the sound of falling water in the sink.

Where is anti-drumming applicable?
Acousticshop offers a nice range of anti-drumming products to soundproof cars, campervans, boats, yachts and for soundproofing aluminum or sheet metal equipment- and machinery enclosures. In theory you can improve the soundproofing of any surface that sounds like a gong when you give it a knock. Give your car door a knock, than you can hear what we mean by soundproofing vehicles. 

To soundproof enclosures for compressors, machinery and pumps we also have a combination product with anti-drumming and noise absorbing acoustic foam called Merfodamp. This product isolates vibrations in sheet metal and insulates noise inside a machine enclosure or housing.

Our range of anti-drumming sheet products:


Where to buy anti-drumming, sound deadening, and which type to use
Some people absolutely never heard of anti-drumming or sound deadening before even though it is used more often than you might think. We have written a page about anti-drumming and the use of this soundproofing method and products. If you have questions about these products please let us know.