Anti-drumming with sound absorber
Merfodamp is a sound-insulating combination plate with a sound absorbing front and a self-adhesive anti-drumming back side. It is a composite plate consisting of a sound-absorbing layer, equal to Merfocell PU, an acoustic foam with an oil, moisture and dust-proof top layer. The anti-drumming, or deadener, backside is a Vibraflex sheet, self-adhesive, that isolates resonances and vibrations in sheet metal.

Merfodamp is used to insulate, for example, steel or aluminium casings and machine enclosures where the temperature does not exceed 70 degrees. The anti-drumming layer functions best when the mass of the surface is doubled, or close to that. Merfodamp anti-drumming with sound absorber can also be applied in combination with a heavier version of anti-drumming material such as Vibraflex for even more insulation. This product is not suitable for insulating buildings or houses.