Silencers for Round Air Ducts

Air noise in round air ducts
Round air ducts in buildings that supply or exhaust air from, for example, ventilation or heat recovery units, transport noise from the unit itself, colliding air or speaking in an adjacent room. This noise is perceived as a whooshing sound. This problem can be solved by using absorption material inside the round air duct.

Which silencer do I use?

  • Inno sound dampers: These round silencers absorb airborne noise from round air ducts. The noise reduction can be increased by placing several dampers in succession. Thanks to the oval openings, the noise production of the damper itself remains low.
  • Aluphon 100 sound dampers: Thanks to this damper, the desired airflow isn't blocked. The perforation absorbs most of the noise in the damper while allowing air to pass freely.

Below you will find our range of silencers for round ventilation ducts.

  1. Inno Dampers
    Inno Dampers
    For round air ducts
    • Made of PU foam
    • Absorbent Silencer
    • Regulate noise reduction and airflow

    Starting at £6.53

    (incl. tax)