Dampers for Round Air Ducts

Dampers to insulate noise in round air ducts
Round air ducts in buildings that supply or exhaust air from, for example, ventilation units, transport noise from the unit itself and airflow noise and sound from an adjacent rooms. This noise is perceived as a whooshing sound. This problem can be solved by using Inno Dampers for round air ducts. Inno Dampers are made of a sound absorbing acoustic foam and can make a huge difference.

How to dampen ventilation noise? Round air duct dampers to reduce airflow noise
To reduce the sound of airflow and noise exiting a ventilation valve you remove the valve that covers the air duct, measure the diameter of the air duct, clean it, and slide two Inno Dampers into the duct. We recommend using two Inno Dampers with all the plugs removed and a space of about 15 cm between the dampers. This gives the best result to absorb noise from an air duct.

How to ventilate a room in silence?
If you would like to know more about silent ventilation of a room you can take a look on the 'Solutions for Silent Ventilation' page. On this page you can find more solutions and products to ventilate rooms without noise. Questions about our products or solutions? Just contact us, we are happy to help you.

Below you will find our silencers for round ventilation ducts.


How to ventilate a room without noise
More products and solution for silent ventilation on our 'Solutions for Silent Ventilation' page. For advice on your situation just contact us. We are happy to help you!