Sandwich Soundproofing and Insulation: Two solutions, One Price

Soundproofing and insulation combined in one product
These products combine soundproofing and insulation, or noise absorption, in one product. Combined products are used in marine applications, to soundproof engine compartments and covers, and to soundproof equipment housing and machine enclosures. Using combination plates saves a lot of time, because you don't need to assemble the seperate products yourself. The following combinations of soundproofing and insulation are available:

  • Merfocom Merfocom Soundproofing & Insulation
    Merfocom is a sound-absorbing and insulating product. This multiple layerd panel has 25 mm Merfocell FC sound absorbing acoustic foam at the front with a sturdy protective top layer of fiber glass fabric. This top layer is heat resistant up to 100 ℃, is moisture, oil and impact resistant. Under this sound absorbing layer is the soundproofing core of Isomat TS, 8 kg/m². And under the Isomat, the base of the panel, a 5 mm layer of self-adhesive foam. Due to this composition, the installation of Merfocom creates a 'double wall'. Therefor, Merfocom insulates and soundproofs low frequent engine noise much better than a single absorber. Merfocom is mainly used in yachts, sloops and ships to insulate an engine compartment or cover.
  • Merfodamp
    Merfodamp also offers soundproofing (anti-drumming) and insulation in one sheet. This product soundproofs because of the self-adhesive Vibraflex anti-drumming backing. The 25 mm sound absorbing Merfocell PU absorbs sound and has an oil- and moisture proof PU protective top layer. Due to its composition, Merfodamp has a double effect and is therefore particularly efficient, in both application and processing. This product is often used to soundproof light weight aluminum and steel machine enclosures or fuel- and watertanks in boats and vessel. To insulate or soundproof aluminum or steel surfaces thicker than 2 mm thick it's recommended to first use a base layer of Vibraflex anti-drumming.

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Constructive sound insulation
More solutions and products, such as floating walls, floors and sound-insulating doors, can be found on the page Constructive sound insulation.