Anti-drumming, vibration isolation
Vibradamp A90P is an two-component anti-drumming paste and adhesive at the same time. With Vibradamp you can apply a type of sandwich anti-drumming in combination with Zincor steel plates. Sandwich anti-drumming is the most efficient form of anti-drumming, the isolation of vibrations in aluminum, steel or polyester surfaces. We advise this sandwich isolation on surfaces thicker than 4 mm or in places where bitumen anti-drumming materials can come into contact with fuels, as this dissolves bitumen based products.

What is anti-drumming and where to use it
Vibradamp is mixed in ratio 1-on-1 with the hardener (B-component) that is included in the package. Anti-drumming with Vibradamp is mostly used in yacht- and shipbuilding to isolate vibrations in the ship's hull, skin and light/thin innerwalls in order to reduce cavitation and engine resonances. Vibradamp can be applied to aluminum, steel and polyester. Other areas of application are the anti-drumming of steel stairs and loading docks. Find out more about anti-drumming on our tips page “what is anti-drumming?”.