Exhaust Insulation

Protective exhaust insulation
Fiberglass Exhaust Wrap is used as a protective and insulating layer wrapped around exhaust pipes in tight engine compartments and engine rooms with a limited amount of space. Some areas of application are exhaust pipes of a motorcycles, engine compartments in small boats or pleasure craft and machines in enclosures with an internal exhaust pipe.

With this Fiberglass Exhaust Wrap product you can insulate hot exhaust pipes to protect yourself, for example during maintenance of your boat. Fiberglass Exhaust Wrap is often used in combination with Aluglass or Acousticcell Alu to create a heatshield between an engine compartment and the cabin, or other spaces, to reduce the radiation of heat.

Products to insulate exhaust heat

  1. Aluglass
    Heat-resistant engine insulation
    • Fiberglass mat with aluminium foil top layer
    • Sound absorbing, heat resistant panel
    • Insulation for tight spaces, max. 400°C

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