Better Acoustics for Workshop and Production Hall

Bad acoustics in a workshop or production hall
Workshop and production hall acoustics A common, but often unrecognized, problem is poor acoustics in a factory, production hall or workshop. Loud machines and hard materials of the buildings structure, such as steel, concrete and glass causes too much reverberation which leads to stress, poor intelligibility and reduces concentration. This leads to fatigue and reduced productivity.

Reducing reverberation by improving the acoustics, with our acoustic solutions and matching products you can contribute to a better working environment. Improving the acoustics pays off.

Improving acoustics in a production hall and workshop

There is no standard measure for the amount of sound absorption to be applied in a production hall. The acoustics in a hall are often good if one and a half to 2 seconds can be reduced from the reverberation time. In halls with a large volume (high ceilings, large floor space) you will need more square meters of absorption surface than in low volume space such as an office. You will notice an improvement when you apply 50% of the ceilings surface and one of the walls with an acoustic sound absorber. However, for really large halls with high ceilings, that percentage will be more towards 80%.This is especially the case with loud machinery, such as in a workshop. The images is showing the improved hall acoustics in a steel processing company, a generous amount of acoustic panels is mounted to the ceiling.

To improve the acoustics in really large halls with lots of working people and machines we advice to look at an option with custom made acoustic Baffles (vertical hanging elements). This is more costly but far more effective. Baffles are acoustic elements hanging vertically from the ceiling which interrupt the path of the sound and absorb sound from two side, and therefore extremely effective. The most efficient way to install Baffles is to mount one Baffle per 1.5 m². We can offer Acoustic Baffles by request. Other products suitable for improving workshop and production hall acoustics:

  • Soundstone
    Acoustic suspended ceiling, drop ceiling tiles.
  • Akotherm Basic
    Basic acoustic sound absorber (recommend thickness, min. 40 mm).
  • Akotherm SF
    Acoustic panel with smooth surface (cleanable with hoover).

Advice on production hall acoustics
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Products for improving workshop and production hall acoustics


Improve the workplace with better acoustics
A workplace is more productive and comfortable with good acoustics. Let us help you to give a better a work environment for your co-workers by improving the acoustics in the workplace. Wether it concerns a factory or production hall, office or canteen. We have solutions and products to provide you with the best solution.