Vibration Isolation Products: Insulate impact noise

Vibration isolation to reduce impact noise and resonances
We offer vibration isolation, or vibration insulation, products designed to isolate sources that produce and transmit vibrations and resonances, such as appliances, machines, air conditioning and heat pump units, and fitness equipment. These products are made of highly resilient acoustic foam, developed to remain elastic for a long time. The elasticity of vibration isolation ensures the insulation of impact noise (contact noise). By using vibration isolation, such as Regufoam Vibration Isolation or Polypress, you can decouple a source from its foundation, such as a floor. Isolating impact noise is a method to ensure that vibrations and resonances cannot be transmitted to a structure. This principle is also referred to as acoustic decoupling.

How to isolate vibrations and resonances Vibration isolation
There are, roughly speaking, two types of impact noise. The first is produced by a centrifugal source, which is a source with rotating parts, such as a washing machine or an air conditioning unit. Secondly, there are sources that produce vertical impact noise, such as a treadmill, drum kit, and neighbours walking on a floor. For a centrifugal source, it is important that the source stays stable, so we use denser vibration isolation and a heavy/stiff plate between the source and the insulation product. On the Regufoam vibration-isolation page, you will find all the information about which product to use. To decouple or isolate a floor against impact noise, we offer Regupol or Polypress, depending on the situation. Effective vibration isolation is key to reducing impact noise and resonances in various settings.

Guides to insulate and reduce vibrations
We have multiple guides on vibration isolation for all sorts of sources:

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