Sound insulation for air ducts

Soundproofing and insulation for air ducts
The air flow from and to air ducts can cause problems in a room or to another room. Noise can flow with the air to ventilate a room. This can be caused by impact noise, vibrations of the air duct, and by airborne noise, noises from the climate systems and noise, such as speech, from one room to the other. We have products to soundproof against both types of noise.

Airborn noise from air ducts
To reduce airborn noise from a round air duct the solution quit simple. Place two Inno Dampers inside the air duct with a space of about 10 to 15 cm in between. Remove all the plugs from the damper for the optimal result and still maintain sufficient airflow from the air duct. In large airboxes or air ducts you can also use an absorbent product such as Acousticcell. This product absorbs hissing noise in rectangular shaped air ducts.

Impact noise from air ducts
Air ducst can also resonate because of vibrations coming from the climate system itself. Impact noise can also be caused by airbrone noise in other rooms. When multiple rooms use the same air ducts noise can be transported by the light weight ducts, especially in thin sheet metal air ducts. This can be solved by wrapping Vibraflex anti-drumming, bitumen damping sheets, around certain parts of the air duct and sheet metal ventilation boxes. This product isolates vibrations so they cannot travel through the sheet metal.

Make sure that air ducts don't have rigid connection with light walls or ceilings. This may cause impact noise to travel through the wall or ceiling. Air ducts can also be wrapped with Merfowrap to soundproof them even more.

Questions about soundproofing air ducts
If you have any questions regarding the soundproofing of air ducts, please let us know.

Products to insulate and soundproof air ducts