Regufoam vibration insulation to isolate impact noise 
Contact sound, or impact noise, is the physical impact on solid materials caused by vibrations of a source that can become audible or tangible. Some examples of impact noise sources where you can use Regufoam Vibration Insulation are: machines, compressors, pumps, outdoor unit of a heat pump, loudspeakers, household appliance and even pianos. Our range of Regufoam Vibration Insulation related products:

Regufoam vibration insulation sheets
Very resilient impact noise insulation sheets to isolate vibrations from all sorts of appliances and machines from a floor, or foundation, to reduce impact noise to surrounding areas. 

Piano Dampers, acoustic coasters
Acoustic piano coasters that isolate resonances from your upright piano or grand piano. With these  pianodampers you can reduce impact noise, vibrations, to adjacent rooms and neighbours. Insulating energy from your piano can in some cases result in a more dynamic and better sounding piano.
Hifi Audio Dampers
Regufoam is also the base material fo these easy to use audiophile Hifi dampers. Looking like hockey pucks, these dampers decouple a CD-player or turntable to reduce resonances and vibrations to these sensitive Hifi components. 
Regufoam is a high quality foam product and available in various density types. Because of its resilience Regufoam has a long lifespan. In most cases you can place a source of vibrations (machine e.g.) on just a few pieces or blocks of Regufoam and most of its vibrations (resonances) will be isolated. On the page ‘Vibration Insulation’ we tell you all about Regufoam vibration isolation.

Products with Regufoam vibration insulation and dampers

What is impact noise or contact noise?
Impact noise consist of vibrations, or resonances, in rigid materials which become audible as airborne noise. To keep it simple: knocking on a door is a form of impact noise, just as an upstairs neighbour walking on high heels. With 'Vibration Isolation Products' you can isolate a source with moving parts, aircon unit, wasmachine, pump for example or create an acoustic decoupled floor. Would you like to know more about impact noise? Just let us know, we are happy to help.