Regufoam impact sound insulation 
Impact noise is the physical impact on buildings or solid materials caused by vibrations of machine, footstep from upstairs neighbours. Rugfoam Vibration Insulation is the solution for many impact noise related acoustical problems. Some of them are:

Regufoam Sheets
Easy to cut impact noise insulating sheets to isolate appliances and machines from floors to reduce impact noise from compressors and pumps for example. Multiple densities, multiple solutions!

Our acoustic damper set for piano is suitable a grand piano and Upright piano. Isolate vibrations to- and from the piano to reduces impact noise to adjacent buildings and rooms. I most cases a piano will sound better with these dampers.
Audio Dampers
Regufoam D150 is the base fo these easy to use audiophile Hi-Fi dampers. Looking like hocky pucks, these dampers decouple a CD-player or turntable to reduce resonances and vibrations to these sensitive Hifi components. 
This high quality Regufoam foam material is available in various density types. Because of its resilience Regufoam has a long lifespan. In most cases you can place a source of vibrations (machine e.g.) on few pieces or blocks of Regufoam and most of its vibrations (resonances) will be isolated. On the page ‘Vibration Insulation’ we tell you all about Regufoam vibration isolation.