Solutions for Silent Ventilation

Silent ventilation
Quiet ventilation is desirable in rooms and spaces where music is produced, listened to, recorded or where people sleep. Correct acoustic ventilation and insulation of the space in question ensures that no sound escapes or enters during ventilation. In some cases this means adjusting the way of ventilation, in some cases the way a room is closed off.

Solutions for silent ventilation Silent Fan, Aeropac SN silent ventilation unit
In order to ventilate a room and refresh the air, it is necessary to create a so-called draft in the room. To do this, fresh air must be supplied and used air must be removed. If you have a climate system then air is supplied by the system via air ducts, this can be a noisy way of ventilation. For round air ducts this is easy to solved by placing two Inno Dampers in the air duct. For rectangle air ducts a sound absorbing foam can be very useful to absorb airflow noise.

The ventilation of closed off rooms, or other spaces, without a climate system can also be done with a silent ventilation fan/unit, the Aeropac SN is ideal for silent ventilation of any room. To ensure no sounds enters the room but still maintain an airflow for optimal ventilation you can install a door grille and a drop seal, to close off the gap between the door and the floor. For this you can use the Silendo Door Grille and the Elton Drop Seal. All products and solutions for silent ventilation.

Insulation for air ducts
When ventilating through large air ducts, a lot of air moves from one location to another, which creates a lot of noise. A wide range of insualtion products is available to make rectangular air ducts quieter. To insulate noise in- and from air ducts you can use Acousticcell or Flamex Basic. Air ducts can also radiate noise because of resonances, to isolate air ducts you can wrap them using Merfisol. This insultion sheet reduces noise and insulate the air duct thermally.

Products and solutions for silent ventilation


  1. Silent ventilation unit for bedroom, living room and studio
    Aeropac SN Silent Wall Mounted Ventilator
    Insulated silent ventilation unit
    • Silent acoustic ventilation unit
    • Timer controlled, adjustable airflow
    • Complete set, Free Shipping

    Starting at £624.00

    (incl. tax)
  2. Acoustic noise absorbing foam
    Sound absorbing foam
    • Acoustic foam with ribbed texture
    • Sound absorption
    • Self adhesive

    Starting at £23.18

    (incl. tax)
  3. Inno Dampers
    Inno Dampers
    Noise dampers for round air ducts
    • Made of PU foam
    • Absorbent Silencer
    • Regulate noise reduction and airflow

    Starting at £6.53

    (incl. tax)
  4. Flamex Basic applied in a living room
    Flamex Basic
    Sound-absorbing panels & sheets
    • Acoustic melamine foam
    • Sound & Noise insulation
    • Improve room acoustics

    Starting at £20.72

    (incl. tax)