Solutions for Silent Ventilation

Silent and acoustic insulation
Quiet ventilation is desirable in rooms where music is produced, listened to, recorded or where people sleep. Correct acoustic ventilation ensures that no sound escapes or enters during ventilation.

Silent air exhaust
In order to realise proper refreshing of the air, it is necessary to create a so-called draft in the room. For this, air must be exhausted from the room. By applying the correct ventilation grille, the air can be discharged through the wall, door or facade.

Absorption for existing air ducts
When ventilating through large air ducts, a lot of air moves from one location to another, which creates a lot of noise, both low and high frequency sounds. A wide range of absorption material is available to make rectangular air ducts quieter. In case of round air ducts, using silencers significantly reduces airborn noise.


  1. Acousticcell
    Sound absorbing foam
    • PU foam with a densified, cross-linked top layer
    • Sound absorption
    • Equipped with a sticker

    Starting at £23.18

    (incl. tax)
  2. Inno Dampers
    Inno Dampers
    For round air ducts
    • Made of PU foam
    • Absorbent Silencer
    • Regulate noise reduction and airflow

    Starting at £6.53

    (incl. tax)