Composing a Decoupled Wall, Ceiling or Floor

Decoupled, floating wall, ceiling and floor products
With soundproofing products such as Akoestikon Acoustic Stud, Polypress and Regupol Comfort you can insulate the walls, floor and ceiling of a room against airborne noise and impact noise. With these soundproofing products you can create a so-called 'box-in-box' principle, which reduces the noise from or to adjacent rooms. The more wall, ceiling, and floor parts you soundproof with these products, the more noise you keep inside or out.

Decoupled, floating floor insulation The best product to soundproof walls and ceilings
To decouple a floor so it becomes 'floating', no rigid connections to the building, you can use Polypress Vibration Isolation, or Regupol Comfort, for more load bearing floors. Polypress is relativly low in density and is therefor more suitable for small music studios where the load on the floor is not as high. Regupol is more suitable in houses and apartments where the load on the floor is higher, furniture, kitchens e.g. We are happy to advice you when needed.

Decoupled, floating wall and ceiling insulation
With the help of Akoestikon Acoustic Stud you can mount a floating wall or ceiling to a retaining wall and/or ceiling. Akoestikon Studs are resilient rails that ensure you can mount plasterboards decoupled against an existing wall or ceiling. For example, you can shield a partition wall or ceiling with the neighbours so that there is a reduction in the nuisance of airborne noise in adjacent rooms.

Products to install floating floors, walls and ceilings


Constructive sound insulation
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