Insulation for Pipes and Tubes

Sound insulation for pipes and tubes
Indoor pipes, drains and sewer pipes can cause noise nuisance at the most uncomfortable moments. When a toilet is flushed, rainwater is drained. By wrapping air ducts, sewer pipes or tubes with Merfowrap you can greatly reduce this noise to an acceptable level. Depending on the type of pipe, and what is being transported through it, it may be preferable to wrap the pipe or tube twice with Merfowrap or Merfowrap Aluminated. Wrapping a single time will already provide sufficient results, but since a pipe or tube is often concealed somewhere, or because it is difficult to reach it anyway, wrapping twice increases the likelihood of a good end result.

    • Merfowrap Leaded
      This insulation for pipes has an acoustic foam that absobrs sound of falling water or Merfisol Pipe Insulation other substances. Merfowrap Leaded has a thin layer of lead that soundproofs these noises and a protective dark grey top layer that covers the insulation layers. Merfowrap is easy to cut and malleable. You can use the Insulation tape to mount the pipe insulation.

    • Merfowrap Aluminated (Merfisol)
      Insulation for pipes and air ducts that also provides a thermal insulation, because of the aluminum top layer. Merfowrap Aluminated has also an absorbing foam layer and an isolating mass vinyl core that soundproofs pipes, tubes and air ducts. To install and mount Merfowrap we have a aluminum finishing tape.

Tips and guide to pipe soundproofing
Build a box, or separation wall, around the pipe, tube or air duct and fill it with Acoustic Cotton Wool. This, In combination with the pipe insulation, will give you the maximum soundproofing result. It also conceals those ugly pipes! On our tips page you can find the complete guide: "How to soundproof a pipe, sewer pipe and tubes".

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