Improving Room Acoustics

Improving acoustics with Acousticshop products
The advantages of good acoustics, or improving acoustics, in spaces is still very underestimated, which is strange, because good acoustics has lots of benefits. We’ve all been in a restaurant, club or workplace where everything and everybody seems to be so loud, a decent conversation is hardly possible. Just being in a space with poor acoustics is very tiring. Why would you go there again?

Advantages of improving acoustics
Improving the acoustics in a building makes it more pleasurable to be there and encourages customers to return. It has been proven that good acoustics can reduce sick leave, increase concentration and lead to more productivity in the workplace or classroom. But also in your home, improving acoustics in a living room for example adds to the comfort and pleasure of being in that room.

How to improve room acoustics
Let’s give you a short and simple description on how to improve room acoustics in an average room. Reverberations or echo makes for a hollow sounding space, this is because sound reflects on hard surfaces, like a smooth floor, ceiling, walls and windows. Adding soft materials to an interior, such as curtains, furniture and carpets, will reduce reflections and therefore improve the acoustics. But in most cases this is not enough, so more soft surfaces are needed. In the world of acoustics, soft surfaces are acoustic panels.

When a customer asks us how to improve the acoustics in an office or living room we give them our “rule of thumb”. This ensures a very reasonable improvement for a reasonable price, without us seeing your room. If you email us some pictures of your room we can provide you a more in depth solution to your acoustic issues. The rule of thumb: If your room is about 100 m² (1100 Ft²) with a regular height you should add about 30 to 40 m² (330 to 480 Ft²) of sound absorbing products, acoustic panels. These panels should be mounted through and cross the room, on the ceiling and at least one walls, depending on the size of the room and how bad the acoustics are. In most situations this will result in a reasonable improvement, which is many cases quite adequate. It is our believe that it’s better to add more panels in a second phase than to buy too much.

More examples and locations to improve the acoustics
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Questions about improving acoustics?
We have lots of guides about acoustics on our tips page. If you need some guidance please let us know, just fill in the contact form and we get back to you.

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The acoustics in any building is important for a comfortable stay and wellbeing. Get in touch with us to see what we can do for your acoustic wellbeing.