Soundproofing Sheets & Mass Loaded Vinyl

Soundproofing sheets and mats, soundproofing for doors, floors & ceiling
To soundproof light structures, such as wooden floors, plasterboard walls, but also the floor in a vessel, it's necessary to add mass, at least double the mass of a surface. A doubling of mass generally results in a reduction of +/- 10 dB(a). Isomat products are perfectly suitable for insulating airborne noise in many situations, at home, in a pleasure craft or vehicle. Both Isomat variants TS and KE Fiber have a very high in density, but still very practical in use, due to the modest thickness of the product. Especially when insulating wooden floors, it is not desired to make the floor higher. Isomat prodcuts take up little space, the sheets and the mat are easy to cut, shape and process. You can use the following variants of Isomat for different applications:

  • Isomat TS
    Is also called a 'mass loaded vinyl', a sheet made from thermoplastic, unvulcanized rubbers (EVA copolymers) and minerals. Applicable on a flat surfaces like wooden beam floors and soundproof light walls. Also suitable for insulating (anti-drumming) a polyester ship hull, in machine and equipment construction and for insulating doors. Isomat TS For shipbuilders: Flame retardant according to DIN 4102 B2.CE marking: RCD94/25/EC guidelines of 2003/44/EC June 16, 2003, for pleasure boat of 2.5 - 24 meters

  • Isomat KE
    Also a mass loaded product made of recycled rubber and steel from old tyres. Isomat KE Fiber is used for insulating wooden doors, light partition walls and machine housing. Isomat KE is ideal to be used as a soundproofing core between two layers wood or plasterboard. Isomat KE contains jute inlay to enhance glue adhesion and can be used for the same applications as the Isomat TS variant, except for CE certified build yachts.

  • Isomat FM
    A flexible soundproofing and insulating floor mat for insulating vehicle cabins. Isomat VM is usually used in combination with anti-drumming and bitumen damping such as Vibraflex. Easy to process insulator and upholstery for vehicles.

Here you find the various soundproofing sheets and mats:


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