Acoustic materials for making and improving loudspeakers

Build your own speakers Luidsprekers bouwen
There are a lot of different speakers on the market, but how a speaker should sound is a matter of taste. There are many acoustic products and materials to use when making or improving loudspeakers. On this page we would like to present some (general) tips and products to you to build loudspeakers or to adapt or improve existing loudspeakers.

Insulate loudspeaker housing
When building a loudspeaker housing, it is important that the housing is as rigid as possible so that there are as few resonances as possible in the construction. The less the housing resonates, the better the speaker sounds.

In general, self-build loudspeakers are made from MDF or a type of plywood. These materials are easy to process, but because of the lack of mass and rigidity not ideal to isolate resonances. With Isomat TS, a mass loaded vinyl product, you can isolate vibrations, and thus resonances. The more mass you add to the housing, the more dynamic the loudspeaker will sound. Isomat is easy to cut and to apply with contact adhesive.

Acoustic loudspeaker filling
To prevent unwanted reflections inside the loudspeaker housing, which make the loudspeaker sound hollow and bleak, an acoustic filling is needed. This filling should be fluffy and soft to absorb the air waves in the housing. Akotherm polyester wool with a light density is perfect for this application. We recommend Akotherm Basic with a thickness of 50 mm. Before applying this product with some spray adhesive, pull the sheet a bit apart so it becomes even more fluffy and thus more absorbent. If you're looking for a bit more tight sounding speakers you can opt for a higher density wool products, such as Akotherm D40, with twice the density, 40 kg/m³.

Below you will find the products for building or modifying loudspeakers


Couple speakers
Under this you will see a schedule for the required amount of Regufoam per type for disconnecting speakers and subwoofer.

Weight in Kg

Mountable surface (cm²) to Regufoam per speaker

Quantity to be purchased

10 kg

100 cm² (or 4 legs of 5 x 5 cm, thickness 5 cm)

1 x Regufoam 150 | 25 mm | Art #M0715

20 kg

200 cm² (or 4 legs of 7 x 7 cm, thickness 5 cm)

1 x Regufoam 150 | 25 mm | Art #M0715

30 kg

300 cm² (or 4 legs of 8.7 x 8.7 cm, thickness 5 cm)

1 x Regufoam 150 | 25 mm | Art #M0715

+10 kg

+100 cm²