How to insulate the bonnet of any vehicle?

Why the bonnet of a car needs insulation
A vehicle's engine radiates noise to the bonnet. The bonnet reflects this noise to the surrounding area of the vehicle and in to the vehicle. In order to reduce this you can insulate the bonnet by applying a sound absorbing product. To insulate engine noise in the engine bay of a vehicle you can look the pages "Bulkhead & Firewall insulation” and “Floor insulation”. To insulate the bonnet you need to know how warm the bonnet can get and how space there is between the bonnet and the engine.

Insulating the bonnet
The best way to insulate a bonnet is to apply a sound absorber. Do not use anti-drumming or deadener if the temperature exceeds 70°C. And if you want to use anti-drumming, use the lightest type, in this case Vibraflex Normal. If you’re in doubt in any way, do not use anti-drumming, only use a sound absorber with the sufficient heat resistance. Acoustic products can never touch the engine. Sound absorbing products for bonnets:

Below you will find all described products for insulating the bonnet


How to insulate a vehicle
On our Vehicle Insulation page you find all the solutions and products for the insulation of any vehicle, cars, camper van or panel van. On our Tips & Tricks page we have multiple pages with guidelines and tips on car audio, Landrover and motorhome insulation. Need advice or product samples? Just let us know  by sending an email.