How to insulate the bulkhead and firewall

Insulate engine noise and heat from the bulkhead and firewall
The bulkhead or firewall is the separation between the engine and the cabin. It shields the engine from the cabin. In most vehicles the bulkhead or firewall is made of relatively light steel, this is why engine noise and heat radiates into the cabin.

How to insulate the bulkhead and firewall, reduce engine noise
Insulating the bulkhead or firewall to reduce engine noise in the cabin is fairly easy. Degrease and clean the surfaces that you want to insulate thoroughly. We advise to insulate the cabin floor and the bulkhead, behind the pedals where the driver sits, and on the passengers side of the vehicle. For the insulating you best use Vibraflex Extreme or Vibraflex UF 8 kg. Warm up the Vibraflex sheets, just above room temperature, this way you can apply the sheets as a sticker. Make sure no air gets trapped between the anti-drumming sheets and the bodywork of the vehicle. For extra insulation and a nice finish you can use  Isomat FM. This mat looks good and insulates the bulkhead and floor even more!

Heat insulation and noise absorber for bulkhead and firewall
When the bulkhead or firewall is a fairly flat surface you can insulate this part of the vehicle even further against heat and noise. In addition to the acoustic insulation in the cabin. The firewall in the engine bay can be insulated with Acusticcell MMF Alu (if the temperature does not exceed 100 degrees!). Acousticcell MMF absorbs sound and reflects heat because to the aluminum protective top layer. In tight engine bays, such as sports cars, the firewall can radiate lots of heat in to the cabin. With Aluglass you can insulate the firewall and make a heatshield. Install Aluglass with the self-adhesive and screws/rings to the firewall. This product can withstand up to 400 °C for short periods of time. Read the more about this product on the Aluglass-page.

Products for soundproofing and insulating of the bulkhead and firewall


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