Bass Trap Fillers, Acoustic filling for bass traps

What are Bass Traps?
Bass Traps, also referred to as corner absorbers or acoustics baffles, are sound-absorbing objects, often made of plywood for instance, and high in volume. The volume, or size, of a Bass Trap is determined by frequencies that need to be neutralized. Ideally Bass Traps have a triangle shape, because they should be placed in the corners of a studio, or hifi room. Bass Traps should be filled for at least 80% with an acoustic material with a certain density to absorb low frequencies.

When and where and to use Bass Traps?
A simplified explanation: your studio or hifi listening room needs Bass Trapping when low frequencies dominate over other frequencies. Some bass is needed of course but when low tones in music whip away mid tones or even treble you can be sure you need Bass Traps. What is happening is that low frequencies, standing waves, fit exactly in the room, as it were. These waves produce so much energy which results in booming basses, no matter what you.

With enough Bass traps, of the right size, in the corners of a these waves become shorter so to say. By filling at least two corners with Bass Traps you change the shape and volume of the room and thereby neutralize the standing waves. The most common places for Bass Traps are the corners in front and behind the listening position. If the Bass Traps are large enough this should give a good result. A Bass Trap with a depth of 50 cm can absorb or change a frequencies of 200 Hz (1/4 sound wave). This is about the lowest that acoustic panels can absorb. If you have acoustics panels and still have problems with low tones and bass your Bass Trap should be deeper, depending on the frequencies.

Wich acousic filling to use for DIY Bass Traps
If you are making your own Bass Traps you need an acoustic material, or wool product. We have great alternatives for mineral wool materials. Products such as Akotherm Basic polyester wool or Acoustic Cotton Wool are great to use as a filling. Also as a filling for DIY acoustic panels. More on DIY Bass Traps on this page: Studio & Hifi Bass Traps.

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