Soundproofing and sound insulation sheet
Merfocom is a heavy composite sheet that both absorbs and soundproofs noise. This product consists of several layers, starting with 25 mm acoustic foam with a heat resistant glass cloth fabric top layer, a heavy mass loaded core, to insulate low frequencies, and a self-adhesive backing. It is widely used for marine applications such as engine room insulation in pleasure crafts and ships.  Especially for the insulation of hatches, walls, ceiling (bottom deck) and engine covers. This sound insulation can also be used to insulate device and machine housings. 

Merfocom contains a self-adhesive backing. Mounted upside down, for example against the bottom of a hatch or ceiling of a machine room, it is necessary to install the plates with insulation nails (or other mechanical mounting) because of the weight, about 12 kg per m². Installation and product information can be found on the product page. Merfocom is not suitable for insulating buildings.



Sound absorbers and insulation
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