Merfocom is a composite plate that both absorbs and insulates sound. The panel consists of several layers, including a visible side of absorption foam finished with a glass cloth fabric top layer and a heavy insulating ground plate of Isomat TS constituting its core.

It is widely used in insulating luxury yachts and sloops, especially hatches, walls, ceiling (bottom deck) and engine housings.

You can also use this composite plate in order to insulate device and machine housings. 

Merfocom contains a self-adhesive backing. Mounted upside down, for example against the bottom of a hatch or ceiling of a machine room, it is necessary to install the plates with adhesive pins (mechanical mounting) because of the heavy weight. Installation and product information can be found on the product page. Merfocom is not suitable for insulating buildings.


  1. Merfocom Combination
    Merfocom Combination
    Absorption and insulation board
    • Equipped with sound insulating barrier
    • Sound-absorbing and Sound-insulating
    • Equipped with an oil-resistant and fire-resistant top layer

    Starting at £106.36

    (incl. tax)